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Trilogy Platform Technology

Sourced from the patient’s own skin, Falcon’s proprietary Trilogy cells hunt down, home to, and kill cancer. Trilogy cells are genetically modified to detect cancer cells, actively move through blood and tissue to hunt them down, and deliver targeted payloads that destroy the tumor.

Tremendous progress has been made in the last decade in the fight against cancer using cell and gene therapies. For instance, CAR-T cells have shown a remarkable ability to put cancers of the blood into remission. Unfortunately there remains significant challenges to treating solid tumors, where circulating cells have trouble penetrating and reaching target cancerous tissue.

Trilogy cells offer a unique solution to this challenge. Trilogy cells are created by isolating and converting a patient’s own skin into tumor-homing and tumor-killing cells through a genetic reprogramming process. This imparts strong tumor-sensing and directional migration properties to the cells, making them able to ‘sniff out’ cancer cells. In addition to giving the cells a nose to smell cancer and the legs to move them there, the Trilogy cells are given the ability to create and drop cancer killing agents once they’ve reached cancer cells. These ‘seek and destroy’ properties make Trilogy cells an exciting new approach to treating the most difficult cancers.

One of the most exciting aspects of Trilogy cells is that they don’t just sense a single type of cancer. We have a robust data package supporting 12+ cancer types. The current indications in Falcon’s product pipeline that are under active development are shown below.