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Falcon CEO Susan Nichols Discusses Regenerative Medicine Game Changers with Kineticos

On potential catalysts that could drive a landscape change in regenerative medicine approaches, Susan Nichols says:

I’m starting to see the manufacturing enhancements that were promised in the past, come to market with unique capabilities and efficiencies. Before, closed automated systems were a dream and they are now starting to become a reality in increments. I also see the beginnings of hospital-based therapy manufacturing as well. We’re making strides at eliminating complex logistics so we can deliver a therapy to the patient at the earliest time point. It is not exactly point-of-care but it’s closing that gap between the patient’s diagnosis and their option to receive a cell or gene therapy. We are also seeing some steps to cost down these therapies that would allow them to become more mainstream such as alternatives to viral vectors. We need to get to a point where it is more cost-effective for both patients and the insurance company.

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